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CONTUBERNIUM, civ. law. As among the Romans, slaves had no civil state, their marriages, although valid according to natural law, when contr acted with the consent of their masters, and when there was no legal bar to them, yet were without civil effects; they having none except what arose from natural law; a marriage of this kind was called contubernium. It was so called whether both or only one of the parties was a slave. Poth. Contr. de Mariage, part 1, c. 2, Sec. 4. Vicat, ad verb.

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The latter were the seven soldiers from the same contubernium (the smallest unit in the army consisting of eight soldiers) as the suicide victim, since they lived close to each other and shared the same sleeping quarters.
The sun was already high in the morning sky when the first contubernium returned with the hangdog Drusus in tow.
I had assured myself that I could return the girl to Carthage with the contubernium that was to bring us the salt, but now I recognized that the matter had to be handled quickly.
Many letters concern Lipsius's contubernium, the group of students who lived with him (which was increased by two new individuals in September of 1595), and we see clearly how this group remained the source of important contacts that lasted throughout Lipsius's life.
Ni la caste (qui, en droit romain, organisait jadis l'acces aux differents degres de conjugalites, allant du iustum matrimonium, reserve aux citoyens romains, au contubernium pour les esclaves), ni la religion (qui, en droit canonique empechait notamment les Juifs et les Protestants d' acceder au sacrement), ni encore la politique raciale (qui, dans les systemes segregationnistes, interdisait aux individus de race differente de s'unir) ne conditionnent plus l'exercice de ce droit.
contubernium, but it brought with it no civil rights.
36) Although she is often referred to, with some justification, as Vespasian's concubine, Suetonius is careful not to employ that designation here, but to label the relationship as contubernium, an arrangement of which Treggiari says 'in many ways contubernium imitates matrimonium iustum'.
Et negabit aliquis mares feminasque ideo conspicuos nasci preserrim in muruam benivolentiam proclives nisi ut videndo, una contubernium habendo ac simul vitam traducendo oblecrentur?