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v. to schedule, as to "set a case for trial."

See: adjust, appraise, assemblage, assess, assign, cement, chain, chronic, class, compact, confederacy, crystallize, customary, deposit, designate, embed, firm, fix, fixed, formal, habitual, inexorable, ingrained, instate, inveterate, levy, locate, permanent, pertinacious, place, plant, positive, prescribe, prescriptive, prevalent, ready, repose, resolute, resolve, rigid, routine, settle, situated, society, stabilize, unyielding, usual

SET, contracts. Foreign bills of exchange are generally drawn in parts; as, "pay this my first bill of exchange, second and third of the same tenor and date not paid;" the whole of these parts, which make but one bill, are called a set. Chit. Bills, 175, 6, (edition of 1836); 2 Pardess. n. 342.

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The term is broadly inclusive as it encompasses marks which do not fall into the conventional set of marks mentioned above, and therefore includes marks based on appearance, shape, sound, smell, taste and texture.
Seymour Martin Lipset saw the incident as an "example of how meaningless religion as anything more than a conventional set of brotherhood doctrines has become in this country.
This machine brings versatile machining, and other production capabilities for most complex machining and other production requirements, with minimal or no set ups, facilitating the production of complex components, where normally a multiple number of machines would have to be engaged in a conventional set up.
It was the first Ford to use a conventional set of control pedals, with three-speed sliding gear transmission, and featured hydraulic shock absorbers and welded steel-spoke wheels.
A senior jockey, who asked not to be identified, said last night that they were anxious to break free from the conventional set fee.
At the same time, it is impossible to cater to educational and training opportunities to one and all those who aspire for it through the conventional set up.
Some proponents of ergonomics have suggested the use of pitched keyboards that resemble an accordion or other designs that represent a departure from conventional set ups.
The performance of the flexible trailing edge was similar to that of a conventional set of flaps with an extra segment, the team reports.
By eliminating the steering column, or the need for a conventional set of pedals, we could place all of the driving controls on the steering wheel," he says.
Rather than going with a conventional set of frame rails, it's really an integrated chassis platform with an interlocking steel set-up to give it strength and integrity," he said.

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