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Swrve and Converser are slated to join in the upcoming Mobile World Congress to exhibit their integrated functionality.
Converser was established in 2011, and has developed a conversation management platform for mobile app marketers.
2004) supported this theory when they found drivers were more likely to miss their highway exit when talking on a cellular telephone than when conversing with a passenger or driving alone, and that passengers talked more about driving conditions than did cellular telephone conversers.
Board members of the Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) honored Spoken Translation's Converser Medical Translation product with the Leon Lerman Best of Show Award, selected from among the products and innovations showcased at SpeechTEK West.
Elemental scatologist and catalytic converser Genesis P Orridge has draped his entrails across British and World art for almost 40 years.
Gabay presents The Covert Enlightenment: Eighteenth-Century Counterculture and Its Aftermath, a scholarly examination of the influence of theologist and spiritual converser Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) on nineteenth-century America.
There are also unsettling inaccuracies: for instance, converser is interpreted anachronistically as 'to hold conversation' and the Piazza della Signoria is moved from Florence to Rome.
Once again the Greatest Converser Known to Man managed to spend 75 minutes on Saturday night with people he billed as the most interesting on the planet, yet failed to ask one hard question or elicit one original response.
Pessimist" is a word that idealists use to describe a realist, and it is simple common sense to recognize the limits of what one can do with prehistoric data -- as Andre Leroi-Gourhan often said, "il est difficile de converser avec un mort sans apporter soi-meme les repliques.
ESTRAGON En attendant, essayons de converser sans nous exalter, Puisque nous sommes incapables de nous taire.
Les officiers francais etaient interdits de leur serrer la main, de manger avec eux au meme mess, de les visiter ou de converser avec eux sauf dans le cadre des obligations de service.
Arguably the greatest poet to write in English in the 20th century, Yeats the dramatist, senator, elitist, converser with the spirit world, father, loyal friend, meandering husband, social theorist, authoritarian, editor, lustful old man, and Nobel laureate increasingly kneaded his public and private lives--and his confusion about them--into his verse, prompting the American poet Archibald MacLeish to call him "the best of modern poets.