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La presente coleccion de articulos es el resultado del encuentro entre dos narrativas hoy dominantes en la historiografia: el hibridismo de los conversos ibericos y de los judios sefaradies y la fluidez del espacio atlantico a comienzos de la Edad Moderna.
Ann Converso, RN (New York) was re-elected President by acclamation, as was Joan Craft, RN (Hawaii) for the Vice President position.
The Conversos, or "new Christians" as they were often designated, were associated with strategic dissembling, and Jews became synonymous with insincerity.
As past chair of the Delegate Assembly of unionized staff nurses, Converso helped lead the push for state legislation promoting needlestick prevention and banning mandatory overtime.
At least we can suppose that if the two deponents had cared to abide strictly by normative standards of Jewishness, they would have refrained from crossing the border into Spain and Portugal, where widespread anti-converso prejudice not only compelled converso returnees to suspend their observance of Halakhah (Jewish Law), the supposed bedrock of their normative Jewish identity, but also exposed them to the influence of Christianity, not to mention the possibility of persecution, incarceration, ruin, and perhaps even death, as putative "Judaizers," regardless of what they believed or did.
As it is, it is known that the Bravos of comunero fame and notorious converso connections, secured the intervention of the Empress-Infanta, Isabel de Aviz, to achieve a pardon for a murder committed by one of their members.
By creating a family of Jews--including anusim, conversos, and public Jews like Ale's great-grandfather Ytzak--who have been on the island "from the very beginning" (35), Obejas transforms that void into a narrative space in which she can construct the missing collective memories of all those in exile and diaspora.
He provides documentation that Servet's mother was of converso (Jewish convert) origin and that Anton Servet, probably an "old Christian," was his stepfather.
10) from Christopher Columbus to Luis de Santangel, Chancellor of Aragon, a converso descendant who financed seventy percent of Columbus' second voyage in 1493.
He presents several examples revealing close Converso backgrounds for key Picaresque writers, although that for its most famous practitioner, Cervantes, remains inconclusive.
Sephardic and converso trading networks composed of extended families and trusted partners stretched around the Mediterranean, the Middle East as far as India, and to the New World.
Like the monster of Ravenna, Guzman's father is not only a converso, he is described as transgressing all religious and social norms as simultaneously a womanizer, a sodomite, a Muslim, and a Christian renegade.