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Particular lessons plans drawn from this rich history of inflections can be structured around the teaching of the following relevant features: Past tense marking (seven classes); Agreement marking (present indicative); Copula verbs ("to be" verbs).
Examples (20-22) illustrate copula constructions in which the copula verb is conjugated in the past tense of the third person plural.
It seems that etymologically, the root -r- of the positional verb PRV-ren 'human/liquid stands' may be identified as the common Kartvelian root * r- for the copula verb 'be' (cf.
Since the subject's INDEX value of the copula verb is underspecified as in (49a), nothing blocks it from being anchored to a 3rd person singular entity--a car.
specific readings of sentences with definite noun phrases is through the use of the Spanish copula verbs, ser and estar.
The difference is that Zoque does not have relative clauses introduced by wh-words or complementizers, and it lacks copula verbs.
However, it seems that this constraint is related to the ambitransitive meaning of such verbs, which demands an agentive subject, since it is possible to have the duplicated pronoun construction with copula verbs.