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Energy minister Brian Wilson said, "This obligation is the corner-stone to our policy to unlock the door to green energy in this country.
The key event, argues Mr Gibson, was the Glorious Revolution, which 'established a providentialism that was a corner-stone of eighteenth-century Anglicanism'.
STAFF and supporters of the NCH Corner-stone Family Centre in Coventry have raised more than pounds 2,000 at a charity auction.
Commenting on the loan, EIB Vice-President Wolfgang Roth said: "This new bridge over the Danube will be a corner-stone for the completion of a basic multimodal transport network for the enlarged European Union and will benefit the candidate countries and the EU alike.
So the Windies were hoping to make Hinds a corner-stone of their top order.
Designed to meet the most stringent performance requirements of DVD replication, Lexan OQ1040L and OQ1030L resins stand as the corner-stone of this portfolio.
green bottle with a painted label follows in the footsteps of the Rolling Rock premium longneck - "the corner-stone of Rolling Rock's on-premise success," according to the Latrobe Brewing Co.