Corporate Personality

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Corporate Personality

The distinct status of a business organization that has complied with law for its recognition as a legal entity and that has an independent legal existence from that of its officers, directors, and shareholders.

Corporate personality encompasses the capacity of a corporation to have a name of its own, to sue and be sued, and to have the right to purchase, sell, lease, and mortgage its property in its own name. In addition, property cannot be taken away from a corporation without Due Process of Law.

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The office of the prosecutor often orders journalists and newspaper to pay fines when they were proven to have published news damaging to persons or corporate personality without having the necessary supporting documents.
Develop a tone of voice and a corporate personality that is suitable for your brand that you can use online.
When the state emerged as an impersonal device and acquired a corporate personality -- this is the modern state -- it felt the need to give an identity to its citizens.
An eminent corporate personality will be the chief guest for the ceremony on March 14.
Centurion Star Tower is embedded with all these features and has a great corporate personality coupled with a great business address.
Officials at the home office in West Des Moines consider the green move in the Kum & Go building model to be a logical manifestation of its corporate personality.
Starting first with a brief analysis of the Trinity as the defining example of a corporate personality, we will move to find how the model of the Trinity as a plurality in unity can be discerned within the structures of the church.
Giving back to the community is one of our core values and is at the essence of our corporate personality.
Askalan is deemed a distinguished corporate personality due to his active role in the economic and banking sector.
This collection explores the genres of business communication utilized in the construction of corporate personality, image, and identity.
For what comes through Morton's account is a deep appreciation for Wal-Mart as both a corporate personality and the myriad means by which it sought to incorporate, like a loving father, the personalities of those it served in the second half of the twentieth century.
Corporate personality is viewed as a virtual building block for legal analysis and has no actual existence (Grantham, 1998).

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