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7%, because of fewer disaster-relief contributions compared with prior years, as well as the decline in corporate giving and changes in donors' preferences.
That sector of corporate giving has increased from 53 percent of participating companies offering such donation in 2007 to 70 percent in 2012.
In addition to corporate giving, in 2012, 57,036 team members reported more than 1.
The service offers current, detailed information on more than 2,700 company-sponsored foundations and nearly 1,400 direct corporate giving programs.
Corporate Giving Directory, in its 28th edition, features analyses of 1,000 top U.
According to the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College in Massachusetts, as of 12 September 2005, corporate giving to help with Katrina's aftermath had reached US$547 million, with Wal-Mart, Office Depot and General Electric being the largest donors.
Rick Beard, Bank of American Fork president and CEO, says the bank's board and employees believe in corporate giving.
Silberman previously held positions as director of corporate, foundation and government giving at Northridge Hospital Foundation, and as director of foundation and corporate giving for the Foundation for the Junior Blind in Los Angeles.
The "guide" in the title is instructive: Rubenstein tackles a series of organizational and philosophical issues about corporate giving in a methodical and easily digestible way, drawing many of the examples from corporations operating in Minnesota.
Beneficiaries of corporate giving include AIDS Rochester, the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley, Image Out (Rochester's lesbian and gay film festival), and the Rochester and Tampa, Fla.
The award honors corporations dedicated to strengthening the field of opera through corporate giving.

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