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Both of these examples make it clear that you cannot consider deploying a corporate portal without considering content and document management, and overall information and navigational integrity.
A fundamental issue for the future of the corporate portal industry is that senior managers still do not appreciate the value of information to compete in today's markets.
With Portal Author, SurfMap has recognized a need among small-to-mid sized companies for a cost-effective tool to assist in the development of corporate portals.
CU*Answers will use Passageways Corporate Portal Framework internally among its 120 employees and will also offer the portal framework to its 130 credit union clients in a hosted environment from CU*Answers' headquarters.
Enterprise Edition's portlets and personalized content into the My EMC corporate portal.
A total of 1,500 British Gas employees will have access to the Plumtree Corporate Portal solution which will reduce the amount of paperwork required while also improving the quality of customer service due to call centre staff having more customer information in front of them.
With access to Relationship Intelligence from the Plumtree Corporate Portal, professionals can quickly ascertain a 360-degree view of their client and contact relationships, which is essential for optimizing business development, differentiation and client service.
Passageways offers its own corporate portal framework that includes collaborative features and allows decentralized content management.
Corporate portal provider Plumtree Software has been chosen by beverage and confectionery company Cadbury Schweppes to supply the Plumtree Corporate Portal.
The survey, which interviewed companies taking part in a recent Butler conference, found that 70% of respondents have deployed a corporate portal or are planning to do so within twelve months, while only 6% said they have no such plans.
Plumtree Software (Nasdaq:PLUM) today announced it has completed its annual analysis on the state of the corporate portal market.
Published yesterday, the report recognized the Plumtree Corporate Portal 5.

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