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H1B: (Main Effect of Knowledge of Corporate Raid): Subject's knowledge of a corporate raid will not affect the subjects' project selection decisions.
Almazbek Atambaev promised to assume personal control over corporate raids.
Guiness Peat, which is run by Sir Ron Brierley - best known for his corporate raids in the 1980s - has large holdings in a number of other motor dealerships, including Midland firm Ryland.
In making his case, he explores everything from medieval writings about Jewish money lenders to the role of Jewish-dominated investment banking firms, such as Goldman Sachs, in the spate of corporate raids in the 1980s.
Sage, which announces its six-monthly results today, [Wednesday] which specialises in accounting software, has carried out regular corporate raids over the last 12 months, the latest being Swiss enterprise resource planning software firm Pro-Concept for pounds 7.
Atambaev admitted some issues remain unresolved and mentioned corporate raids of property of foreign investors.
Development of medium-term action program for tourism development and abolishment of visa requirements; temporary ban on business checks; abolishment of unnecessary licenses and permits; tougher punishment for corporate raids will be discussed among other issues.
Citing the "human and economic wreckage from the manipulative corporate raids of the '80s," Mr.
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