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True, the numbers have improved from a low in June 2002, but there's still a long way to go, says Resnick, who also runs OPC's corporate reputation management practice.
Clients are to receive business intelligence specific to their industry, products, media campaigns and marketing events to help them make faster and smarter business decisions about media strategy, market trends, competitive intelligence, brand management and corporate reputation management.
Our core competencies cover a broad range of capabilities including trade associations and corporate reputation management, green building and construction, academic medical centers and community hospitals and professional services.
JCPR offers a full suite of communications services including corporate reputation management, crisis and issues management, graphic design, marketing communications, media relations, social media strategy and execution, thought leadership development and content development.
The importance of corporate reputation management is beyond doubt, though few companies appear equipped to deal with it.
Some specific topics are corporate reputation management, violent corporate crime and human rights, and human rights within the normative ordering of global capitalism.
In connection with the new service, TastyPlacement has launched a new website and brand, Corporate Reputation Management (CorporateReputationManagement.
The firm specialises in corporate reputation management, crisis and issues communication, communication coaching and change communication.

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