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Pertaining to or possessing the qualities of a corporation, a legal entity created—pursuant to state law—to serve the purposes set out in its certificate of incorporation.

A corporate officer is an individual who is charged with the management of a corporation by virtue of a position as its president, vice president, treasurer, or secretary.


(Associate), adjective affiliate, allied, banded, federative, incorporate, leagued, partnered
Associated concepts: corporate act, corporate assets, corpooate authorities, corporate body, corporate bonds, corpooate commission, corporate conduct, corporate dividends, corporate existence, corporate franchise, corporate name, corporate officer, corporate powers and privileges, corpooate property, corporate purpose, corporate rights, corpooate seal, corporate securities, corporate stock


(Joint), adjective associated, coincident, compact, concurrent, conjoint, conjunct, correal
See also: collective, conjoint, joint
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This further reinforces the value which corporates can capture by using SWIFT.
For select 'top-tier' Latin America companies which had significantly higher LC IDRs than their country ceiling constrained FC IDRs, the application of Fitch's recovery criteria resulted in assigning issue ratings above the related corporate FC IDR to reflect higher levels of expected recovery on average given the lower risk of idiosyncratic default.
Kastholm, Managing Director and head of Fitch's Latin American Corporate group.
The Impact of the New US Corporate Governance Rules on Asian Companies.
Employees at our winning companies, both corporate and non-profit, have responded to the philanthropic mandate of their CEOs, who present an innovative vision of social awareness aligned with corporate America's business needs and objectives.
After a thorough evaluation of our corporate governance practices and engaging in dialogue with our shareholders and independent experts, the Board of Directors has approved these enhancements," said John Larson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Career Education Corporation.
By systematically examining their meetings spend and implementing a disciplined approach to managing this category, as we've mapped out in our strategy, companies can create programs that will lead to reduced costs, greater control over spending and a high degree of compliance with corporate policies.
CCBN's unique combination of services and industry-leading experience make it a core addition to the NASDAQ Corporate Services Network," said Ed Kim, senior vice president of NASDAQ's corporate client group.
We expect to see the kind of operational improvements in Aurora as we have seen in Detroit with VoiceLogistics," said Tim Beauchamp, Vice President of North American Operations for Corporate Express.
In addition, past research has ignored or failed to measure whether corporate bond prices contain a risk premium above and beyond the expected loss from default.
Look to The Delphi Group's newest research report, Corporate Portals, for a detailed review of the factors that have given rise to the current portal trend.

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