Corpus Juris

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Corpus Juris

[Latin, A body of law.] A phrase used to designate a volume encompassing several collections of law, such as the Corpus Juris Civilis. The name of an American legal encyclopedia, the most recent edition of which is known as Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.®).

corpus juris

n. the body of the law, meaning a compendium of all laws, cases and the varied interpretations of them. There are several encyclopedias of the law which fit this definition, the most famous of which is Corpus Juris Secundum. Several states have such series of books covering explanations of the law of that state.

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The Corpus Juris Civilis influenced legal thought and techniques, including attitudes to legal rules, legal classifications, courts, and precedent in civil law jurisdictions at the expense of local customary (practised) law.
FACT: The so-called Corpus Juris document on which this claim is based was drawn up by a group of lawyers at a brainstorming session in Spain in April 1997 - before the last election.
Moreover, each subtopic has library references directing the reader to Corpus Juris Secundum and the West Key Number System.
Caffarra was referring to the Corpus Juris Canonici, which only said that "those who afflict men or women with magical means or poison so that they become unable to procreate, to conceive or to give birth to a child, and do so inspired by hate or enmity, should be considered murderers.
HAVING referred to Corpus Juris on several occasions, I thought it might be interesting to examine the threat it poses to our freedom under the law.
Surrendering the veto will almost inevitably lead to the EU system of criminal justice, corpus juris, being imposed upon us by qualified majority voting in the Council of Ministers.
The corpus juris is the new legal code initiated by the Amsterdam Treaty that will, among other things, set up a European Public Prosecutor with overriding criminal law jurisdiction throughout Europe.
Derry Irvine's proposals are part of Corpus Juris which, admittedly, is kept pretty well under wraps, but there is no defence at all for the comments of Shahid Naqvi (Post Business, Aug 16) who recognises the vast differences in prosperity between the newly-created 'regions of the UK' but fails to recognise that (a) many of these differences have occurred since these 'regions' were created and (b) conformity with a plan for a 'European Union of the Regions' - all dependent on structural funding from Brussels - is what these regions were created for.
Why did something on the order of the corpus juris civile never appear in Islamdom?
In-depth articles and analysis in this database were gathered from law review publications, texts, American Law Reports (ALR), legal encyclopedias including American Jurisprudence 2d and Corpus Juris Secundum, CLE Course materials, bar journals and legal practice-oriented periodicals.
The European Corpus Juris, the collection of writings on law achieved by democratic process and enshrined by the European Human Rights Act, offers the following: a guarantee for each individual of life, liberty and security of person; fair administration of justice; free elections at reasonable intervals; freedom from torture, inhuman treatment and slavery, and freedom of expression, assembly and association (note that these freedoms are not written into Common Law).
MY LETTER about the threats to our liberty, due to the imminent imposition of the EU legal system, Corpus Juris, on Britain by Brussels (Daily Post, November15) was carefully referenced from official EU documents, yet Mr Neil Kinnock's rebuttal of December 11 was curiously devoid of any reference except the website of the European Commission.