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A fine nodular ultrasculpture was found on the external surface of ossicles of the European flounder and turbot, while another type of nodular structure, Mandl's corpuscles, was described on the visceral surface of tubercles of the turbot.
While comparing the morphometric indices of renal structure of pregnant rats which had consumed tapwater (test 3) with indices of the third group of animals we revealed the increasing of the size of renal corpuscles in 20.
The flagellar region included an axoneme, a pair of mitochondrial derivatives, a pair of triangular accessory bodies, and a puff-like corpuscle with electron-dense areas (Fig.
Helpful distinguishing features include the characteristic monotony, the "salt-and-pepper" chromatin pattern of neuroendocrine tumors, and the lack of other cell lineages, such as acinar cells or squamid corpuscles, which are present in pancreatoblastoma.
Kuno's image of the blood corpuscles also reinforces the idea that the Machine people experience the world only through the Machine: that they lack "direct experience.
The lumina of the vasa efferentia expand into renal corpuscles as they approach the Wolffian ducts (Figs.
When you stroke your fingers over a surface, its structure triggers high-frequency vibrations in the finger, to which specific touch receptors, the Pacinian corpuscles, respond.
Because red blood corpuscles are destroyed, there is an iron overload in the body," she said.
The cyst wall contained abundant adipose tissue intermixed with atrophic thymic tissue composed of lymphoid cells, epithelial cords, and Hassall corpuscles.
Gray, Franklin and Geoffroy succeed in these fields not by forcing reduction to smaller and smaller corpuscles, but by isolating irreducible and seemingly non-mechanical processes at the 'meso' level: attraction, equilibrium, sympathy, and so on.
These corpuscles, in immense supply, would form an almost continuous layer of real clouds, suspended in the transparent atmosphere which envelopes the sun, and being comparable to solid bodies suspended in a gas, they might have a greater radiant force of calorific and luminous rays than the gas in which they are suspended.
ARTIFICIAL "stealth" particles disguised as blood corpuscles could one day be used to fight cancer while evading the immune system.