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The number of Hassall's corpuscles was not different between the embryonic groups but was considerably more than the control in the experimental group at hatching (p=0.
Histopathologic features of PN usually show typical round or ovoid corpuscle, with pale concentric pacinian corpuscle-like lamellar structure attached to myxoid matrix.
A fine nodular ultrasculpture was found on the external surface of ossicles of the European flounder and turbot, while another type of nodular structure, Mandl's corpuscles, was described on the visceral surface of tubercles of the turbot.
Microscopic features include the presence of normal adult adipose tissue with accumulation of lymphocytes and the characteristic scattered islands of Hassal's concentric corpuscles of thymic tissue.
Anti-hemolytic (anti-venom) activity by human red blood corpuscles (HRBC) membrane stabilization method: Venom induced hemolysis and its neutralization by medicinal plants of Pakistan was carried out by following the method of Vijayabharathi et al (2005).
In the cortex we found groups of tubules radially arranged which consisted of collector tubules and straight portions of nephrons forming pars radiata and other groups of twisted tubules consisting of renal corpuscles and numerous proximal and distal convoluted tubules forming the twisted pars.
While comparing the morphometric indices of renal structure of pregnant rats which had consumed tapwater (test 3) with indices of the third group of animals we revealed the increasing of the size of renal corpuscles in 20.
The flagellar region included an axoneme, a pair of mitochondrial derivatives, a pair of triangular accessory bodies, and a puff-like corpuscle with electron-dense areas (Fig.
Of the focus the home worker needs to have in their very corpuscles to avoid being sucked into the abyss marked 'daytime TV' and away from the tripwire labelled 'just popping out for milk'.
A large number of blood corpuscles may be seen flowing through the internal structures of the water-flea.
Extract of Vinca minor, improves the oxygen metabolism and its utilization by the red corpuscles, which allows the athletes more resistance and the transfer from the better results in the trainings to the records in the competitions.