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The aim of the event was to explore how acids and corrosive substances are being used in criminal activity and to find ways to reduce it.
The Minister added: The governments approach to tackling the use of acid and other corrosive substances in violent attacks is centred on four key strands.
It included all paediatric patients of either gender less than 14 years of age, with a history of corrosives ingestion.
Of the 59 educated mothers, 38(64%) used to stay at home and yet their children were exposed to corrosives (Table-1).
Generally, hard abrasion-resistant materials such as 28% chrome are not available in pumps designed for corrosives.
Pumping a liquid that is only corrosive is relatively simple: find the correct materials of construction for the pump and piping and the system will generally be reliability.
Corrosion resistance of copper and copper alloys; corrosive agents and their interaction with copper and copper alloys.
Wastewater treatment plants handle some of the most corrosive and aggressive liquids and solids known to process engineering.
POLICE have issued a warning after toxic, poisonous and corrosive chemicals were stolen in Nuneaton.
Corrosives add elements to the crack surface and leach out components of the glass, giving rise to a chemically distinct "alteration" layer.
The fumes of these corrosives in the presence of humidity will condense predominately on metal surfaces.
A new fluoroelastomer sealing compound, specifically formulated to withstand the heat and corrosive effects of high temperature steam applications, has been developed by Pelmor Laboratories, Inc.