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COSMOPOLITE. A citizen of the world; one who has no fixed. residence. Vide Citizen.

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Conversely, the more cosmopolitan the respondents were the less of cocoyam they utilized, an additional unit in cosmopolite resulted in a decrease of more than one unit of utilization score (-1.
The celebration was designed by director Dejan Projkovski, who stressed that the cosmopolite spirit of Macedonians was his guide.
Depuis, ce lieu exceptionnel vouE[umlaut] Ea la crE[umlaut]ation, cosmopolite et ouvert Ea toutes les formes artistiques, a E[umlaut]tE[umlaut] un tE[umlaut]moin et un acteur engagE[umlaut] des scE nes culturelles franE*aise et internationale des derniE res dE[umlaut]cennies.
Drawn from a Greek root, the word cosmopolite was employed in a text reprinted by Richard Hakluyt in Principal Navigations to refer to a citizen of "one mysticall citie universall.
In Talvet's poetry, the world wanderings of an erudite, a philosopher, and a cosmopolite become closely intertwined with the warmly intimate and humane: the little hand of his daughter, the echo of the voices of his father and his mother, his native home or a tree branch from his childhood.
In this paper, academic cosmopolite identity denotes the personality that evolves as the resulting product of psycho-social forces to which the immigrant academic worker is subjected.
Or il semble qu'une telle attitude, loin de relever d'un simple refus de la difference, procede en realite d'une confusion theorique importante et dangereuse qui distingue ou oppose multiculturalisme cosmopolite et multiculturalisme pluraliste.
Derrida avait deja decouvert que reinventer le cursus de philosophie impliquait en particulier le besoin de surmonter la barriere entre traditions continentales et analytiques, d'aller au-dela de l'idee de systemes philosophiques afin de rechercher un point de vue cosmopolite paradoxal et tendu.
The book's protagonist, Luther Green, is an icy cosmopolite with strong connections to his family and the inner-city neighborhood of his adolescence.
Johnson imagines the cosmopolite of mixed race heritage as an ideal metaphor for pluralism and cultural syncretism, and she uses the trope of miscegenation more frequently still to critique racial violence and the impending disaster of a purified Anglo-American identity achieved through the lynching epidemic and racial terrorism.
Saul Steinberg and Raymond Pettibon might seem to come from separate planets--the one the emigre cosmopolite whose drawings for the New Yorker amused and fascinated sophisticates for nearly sixty years, the other the expert in LA grunge, master of the iconology of Charles Manson, an artist grounded in comic books and punk.
En ce qui concerne explicitement les etudes urbaines, l'auteure ne fait pas de reference directe au fait de vivre dans une region metropolitaine cosmopolite comme Toronto.