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Any countable set in [epsilon] containing E also forms a refiner set of A, then we may also assume that y[[zeta].
Thus, in the large, we obtained a new countable set of exact solutions to the relativistic Maxwell's equations with time derivative.
A] [member of] T containing x and countable sets [D.
His work led to the development of such mental structures for countable sets.
If J additionally is completely continuous then J has a countable set of eigenvalues which can be characterized as minmax and maxmin values of the Rayleigh quotient by the principles of Poincare and of Courant, Fischer and Weyl.
For if, in the very sentence 'Every countable nonconstructible set of reals can be represented as constructible', 'countable nonconstructible set of reals' is interpreted to denote these constructible representatives - which the sentence itself says can be done - the resulting sentence is the tautology that every countable set of reals constructible in some model can be represented as constructible.
Alexander has proved in [A15] that for a connected planar set X of finite length, every point of X off a countable set lies in the boundary of exactly two components of the complement of X.
b) every countable set A [subset] X is closed and discrete in X.
Note that, by separability of K, a locally convex space E over K is separable iff there is a countable set whose linear hull is dense in E (iff the space is of countable type, in case E is metrizable).
Let G be a countable group acting on a countable set X.
That is, there is an algebra A [subset] S [universal] {0} such that the subalgebra generated by any countable set A [subset] A is strictly contained in A.