Counter security

COUNTER SECURITY. Security given to one who has become security for another, the condition of which is, that if the one who first became surety shall be damnified, the one who gives the counter security will indemnity him.

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The officials will be discussing how security media departments were dealing with social media as well as stepping up their performance to counter security challenges, the Secretariat of the Arab Interior Ministers' Council said in a statement Monday.
He said Tunisia needs support from its partners to counter security threats and meet social and economic challenges, said a Foreign Ministry press release issued Thursday.
Contract awarded for Complaints issued unattended counter security guards and management services
As the Maoists are not able to counter security forces face- to- face and neither are their planting of IEDs causing any damage to the security forces, the armed guerrillas have turned their attention towards soft targets such as helicopters.
He said Islamabad was on high alert and business community would extend all possible cooperation to police to counter security threats.
Addressing a ceremony at Command and Staff College Quetta, the PM said terrorism is one of key issues facing Pakistan for last few years and they are fully prepared to counter security challenges.
counter security threats and increase visibility to better prepare and defend
We believe that security intelligence, analytics and forensic technology can be of great help to organisations in the region to counter security threats and increase visibility to better prepare and defense against vulnerabilities and attacks on their networks.
It was the need of the hour to devise a joint strategy to counter security threats, he added.
AaAaAaAa The obstructionism of the enemies of Morocco's territorial integrity to all prospects of a negotiated political solution to the artificial conflict on the Moroccan Sahara hinders the region's countries ability to counter security threats, she said.
This is not a tribute to a fashionable trend, but a concrete contribution to preparing our armies to jointly counter security threats existing in our region," Makarov said, calling China "a reliable strategic partner.
As he tried to make his getaway the clueless robber found himself trapped in the bank hall, unable to get out or to reach the staff protected behind the counter security screens.