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Jamie Carragher says Liverpool must be wary of the counter-attack
He added that they are working with Iraqi military and civilian leaders, to encourage them and help them on the counter-attack in addition to our policy to counter the financing of the organization and prevent the flow of foreign fighters.
The Egyptian Armed Forces, by their counter-attack on the Israeli forces, have given the latter an unforgettable lesson.
The sites for installing radars to track enemy missiles and storing counter-attack projectiles are yet to be determined.
We didn't score, but we can't concede a counter-attack like this.
Cardiff were to be hit shortly afterwards by a slick counter-attack ending with Indian international Sumeet Singh smashing an unstoppable reverse stick shot into the bottom corner of the Cardiff goal.
Obviously if we want to use quick transition and counter-attack then we can use Anelka because he is quick.
Troops launched a counter-attack and killed 6 of the attackers.
When we play at home, we tend to go all out to win the game and end up being caught too many times on the counter-attack.
But two second-half goals from the fantastic Thomas Mueller allowed the Germans to run up their most convincing win against the old enemy, both scored on the counter-attack as England sought an equaliser that, according to the Italian coach, they should not have had to chase.
I think this season our game has been based on a solid defence, we're basically a counter-attacking side who can defend and then counter-attack," he added.
Nachida added her second goal in the 25th minute before Natalie Shaheen pulled one back for Palestine from a fast counter-attack.