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To falsify, deceive, or defraud. A copy or imitation of something that is intended to be taken as authentic and genuine in order to deceive another.

A counterfeit coin is one that may pass for a genuine coin and may include a lower denomination coin altered so that it may pass as a higher denomination coin.


1) adj. describing a document, particularly money, which is forged or created to look real, and intended to pass for real. 2) v. to criminally forge or print a false copy of money, bonds, or other valuable documents, intending to profit from the falsity. 3) n. shorthand for phoney money passed for real. (See: forgery, utter)


noun act of copying, bogus, copy, crimmnal imitation, deception, ersatz, fabrication, fake, false copy, false duplication, false representation, false reproduction, falsehood, falseness, falsification, falsity, falsus, forged copy, forgery, fradulent copy, fraudulent imitation, imitation, plagiary, pretense, simulation, unauthorized copy
Associated concepts: counterfeit bill, counterfeited written instrument
See also: assume, assumed, bogus, copy, deception, deceptive, disguise, dishonest, disingenuous, dupe, erroneous, fabricate, fake, false, falsification, falsify, feign, feigned, fictitious, forgery, hoax, illusory, imitate, imitation, impersonate, imposture, invent, lie, mendacious, meretricious, mislead, mock, palter, pirate, plagiarize, pose, pretend, prevaricate, profess, replacement, sham, simulate, specious, spurious, subterfuge, synthetic, untrue

TO COUNTERFEIT, criminal law. To make something false, in the semblance of that which is true; it always implies a fraudulent intent. Vide Vin. Ab. h.t. Forgery.

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