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The station for the country house was at the opposite end of the town, the time was short, the road not easy; but she was so quick in pouncing on a disengaged coach, so quick in darting out of it, producing her money, seizing her ticket, and diving into the train, that she was borne along the arches spanning the land of coal-pits past and present, as if she had been caught up in a cloud and whirled away.
I particularly wished at this point to introduce a description of Mr Rackstraw's country house and estate, featuring the private football ground with its fringe of noble trees.
Henly in the city, and who also possessed a country house near his own villa.
Three nights later the left wing of his country house was blown up.
Frederick Augustus Bullock, of the firm of Hulker, Bullock & Bullock; but hers was a most respectable attachment, and she would have taken Bullock Senior just the same, her mind being fixed--as that of a well-bred young woman should be--upon a house in Park Lane, a country house at Wimbledon, a handsome chariot, and two prodigious tall horses and footmen, and a fourth of the annual profits of the eminent firm of Hulker & Bullock, all of which advantages were represented in the person of Frederick Augustus.
We must now change the scene to the village of Ashby, or rather to a country house in its vicinity belonging to a wealthy Israelite, with whom Isaac, his daughter, and retinue, had taken up their quarters; the Jews, it is well known, being as liberal in exercising the duties of hospitality and charity among their own people, as they were alleged to be reluctant and churlish in extending them to those whom they termed Gentiles, and whose treatment of them certainly merited little hospitality at their hand.
At last, having all the wealth that heart can desire, I will buy a beautiful country house, with horses and slaves, and then I will lead a merry life and entertain my friends.
Also included is a visit to the Wedgwood Factory, Stratford-upon-Avon -- the birthplace of William Shakespeare -- and Chatsworth, the most magnificent of all the English Country Houses.
I am researching country houses that were used by evacuated schools during the war.
With large numbers of indoor and outdoor staff, country houses were important as places of employment for many rural communities.
A HISTORIAN has told how he is helping to record the history of Welsh country houses in a new book.
Ms Doolittle, who works in the country houses team, has boosted her career further after completing the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) and is now a fully-fledged chartered surveyor.