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COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Certain officers generally entrusted with the superintendence of the collection of the county taxes, and the disbursements made. for the county. They are administrative officers, invested by the local laws with various powers.
     2. In Pennsylvania the office of county commissioner originated in the act of 1717, which was modified by the act of 1721, and afterwards enlarged by the act of 1724. Before the office of county commissioner was established, assessors were elected who performed similar duties. See Act of 1700, 4 Votes of Assembly, 205, 209.

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One current County Commissioner who did not want to be identified stated "Under his (Azzam) leadership the County was very well managed.
Dugan said the new complaint will clarify what she perceives as the main misunderstanding in Aiken's original ruling: that the county's alleged actions impinged not only on Handy's "right to run for re-election, but also the right to enjoy 'the benefits and priveleges' associated with the county commissioner position" both before and after the election.
Naturally, the role of county commissioner was a demanding one as Betty was in charge of all St John Ambulance units throughout Gwynedd and was responsible for co-ordinating all activities within the county.
Fitzpatrick and other board members of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania are making passage of Senate Bill 225, which would end the practice of sending state inmates to county jails without county permission, a top priority.
A total of 11 scout leaders received awards including Bob Hodgson, assistant county commissioner, who was awarded the Medal of Merit.
Stroger alone appoints people to fill "every position" in the Department of Public Health, and no other county commissioners approve the appointments, Coffins said.
The Walton County Commissioners are scheduled to have their final vote on this height ordinance on August 11th at 5 p.
founded on February 1, 1898, is the only statewide organization dedicated to the representation of all county commissioners in Michigan.
Sheriffs and county commissioners are prohibited from collecting PERS benefits while in office.
Present at the ceremony was Col J S Wilson of the Boy Scout International Bureau, Mr H L Mitchell, assistant County Commissioner for Rover Scouts, and Mr J C Scott, County Commissioner for Scouts.
County Commissioner Ronda Storms of Hillsborough, Florida, has made a name for herself by compaigning against sexually explicit material.
The grief: voiced by Max Foreman, a county commissioner, "This was a helpless 500-year-old tree.