coup de grâce

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It was the deadly coup de gras delivered on the end of Red Bull's superior strategy.
Cunningly, I bided my time to lull the leaders into a false sense of security, before applying the coup de gras with 8-1 nap Cuil Magic.
McSheffrey added Blues coup de gras deep into stoppage time with another sublime goal.
Williams completed his sets by putting paid to Marriott in three straight, and it was left to Adams to complete the coup de gras but overwhelming both Marriott and Heywood, each scoring only 13 and 12 points respectively from their three games.
Having missed, his loyal lieutenant, Martin Burnsideman administered the coup de gras with, consecutively, a golf club, Volvo estate, and a chainsaw (''just to be sure'').
And with time running out, Cole tricked and teased on the left and sent in a ball which saw Crouch and Owen get in front of Samuel, with the Newcastle man applying the unstoppable coup de gras.