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COUPONS. Those parts of a commercial instrument which are. to be cut, and which are evidence of something connected with the contract mentioned in the instrument. They are generally attached to certificates of loan, where the interest is payable at particular periods, and, when the interest is paid, they are cut off and delivered to the payor.

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In his younger years Prof Couper, former head of the Department of Maritime Studies and International Transport at Cardiff University, worked as a master mariner.
Professor Couper was nominated for the award for visionary leadership in rural medical education nationally and internationally and for his commitment to delivering training in rural and remote areas and developing innovative approaches to health professions education.
In an interview, Couper said, 'At the beginning of this year, I was coming up on 40 years with the company and I was about to turn 65 - both of those things were happening in May - so I began thinking about [retirement].
Professor Couper urged government to further probe the salaries of rural practitioners, highlighting concerns that rural allowances might actually decrease in terms of the recently concluded Occupation Specific Dispensation (OSD) negotiations.
In this colorful and exuberant volume, astronomers Couper and Henbest guide the reader through times when astronomy belonged to religion, to philosophy, and, finally, to science.
Couper said: "The fans will all be disappointed at the way things have opened for us, but we need their help.
Owner-breeder Daniel Couper, who himself has to make the long trek down from Aberdeen each time he runs at Ascot, said that he was happy to remain in the dark as he picked up a first prize of nearly pounds 30,000.
Dr Couper spent weeks in the United States investigating the catastrophic crash, which happened when Columbiare-entered the earth's atmosphere after a 16-day space mission.
The invitations to participate in the survey may have deterred some students from participating since they included estimates of the length of time to complete the survey (Crawford, Couper & Lamias, 2001).
Chris Tarne scored 17 points for the Falcons and Brendon Couper added 11.
There's never an ordinary day," says Carol Couper, secretary at Knox Church in Dundas, Ontario.