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COUPONS. Those parts of a commercial instrument which are. to be cut, and which are evidence of something connected with the contract mentioned in the instrument. They are generally attached to certificates of loan, where the interest is payable at particular periods, and, when the interest is paid, they are cut off and delivered to the payor.

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The 33-year-old is said to have repeatedly punched and kicked Mr Brown on the head and body and seized Ms Couper by the hair and kicked her on the head.
La STEG est aujourd'hui contrainte d'appliquer la loi et de couper le courant electrique meme aux entreprises publiques refusant de regler leurs factures ", a-t-il explique, dans une declaration aux medias, en marge de la premiere Rencontre des retraites de la STEG.
The city's sheriff court was told Couper Davidson, who had worked for broadcasters including the BBC, Sky Sports and BT Sport, has been told he will not work for them again.
Now, Couper and his family would have to search for a new place to launch a camp.
Dr Awni Behnam, a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Honorary President of the International Ocean Institute, said: "Alastair Couper has exposed the dirty secret of human rights abuse in an industry infected with criminality.
Couper was at the bank for 40 years, and had been the company's regional president since 2005.
Alison Couper, Senior Director of Global Communications at Hotels.
Des milliers de citoyens dans les differents gouvernorats ont escalade leur colere nee des coupures longues et repetees du courant electrique, et ainsi sont alles couper les routes principales en deposant des blocs de pierres dans la rue, causant une forte perturbation du trafic routier et des paralysies dans les transports.
L'acte se realise sur un objet solide, produisant deux ou plusieurs parties: <<couper>> (> <<diviser>>, <<retrancher>>) palah couper sasap Pi.
YOUNG duo Tom Oakes and Ross Couper are gaining widespread national attention.
By focusing on Pacific sailors and their experiences at sea and in port towns, Alastair Couper helps rectify this lacuna.
Terberg DTS (UK) managing director Alisdair Couper said: "This is a unique opportunity to be in at the grass roots of an exciting new product.