Court Commissioners

Court Commissioners

Persons appointed by a judge to find facts, to hear testimony, or to perform a specific function connected with certain types of cases.

An attorney, a judge, a retired judge, or any person with the background necessary to comprehend complex legal matters may be a court commissioner, although a court commissioner is not a judge. The court that the court commissioner serves ordinarily reviews his or her decisions.

Commissioners may take testimony in hearings to determine the validity of a will; proceedings concerning the entry of default judgments or stipulations; pretrial conferences in criminal cases; or proceedings involving family court petitions to modify Alimony or Child Support.

State law governs the powers of court commissioners.

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com)-- The State Bar of Wisconsin Family Law Section Council is a professional organization comprised of approximately 1,100 attorneys, guardians ad litem, family court commissioners, and judges from throughout Wisconsin who have an interest in family law.
Layton, who has filled in for court commissioners and judges in San Fernando when his office was in the San Fernando Valley, has been an attorney since 1994.
Today Secret Service men, United States District Attorneys, United States Marshals, United States Court Commissioners, and other federal officials are rankly abusing their authority on every hand.
The case split the department and the experts; two Juvenile Court commissioners, Harry's court-appointed attorney, his psychiatrist, then-DCFS director Anita Bock and a special incident analyst within the department thought Harry should stay with the Sotos.
And auditors noted that a Juvenile Court commissioner for months kept telling the Sotos she wanted Harry placed with them - and had barred the department from taking the boy from them.
I support this ordinance because our police officers, our court commissioners and our traffic engineers said so.
LOS ANGELES - A Canyon Country man is one of three Los Angeles Superior Court commissioners who Gov.
Filer, 46, of Long Beach works in the Superior Court's South Central District and was first appointed a Compton Municipal Court commissioner in 1993.
Two longtime Los Angeles Superior Court commissioners were appointed to serve as judges, and three attorneys were appointed to serve as court commissioners, Gov.
Sixty-eight high school teams alternately prosecuted and defended the same murder case in six rounds of mock trials before a panel of judges, court commissioners and attorneys.
Speaking will be court commissioners and attorneys specializing in family law, officials of the district attorney's Bureau of Family Support and representatives of Single Parents United in Kids, My Child Says Daddy and other advocacy groups.
CALIFORNIA has about 370 court commissioners and referees, also known as subordinate judicial officers, who hear cases and hand down decisions just like regular judges.