Court of admiralty

COURT OF ADMIRALTY. A court having jurisdiction of all maritime causes. Vide Admiralty; Courts of the United States; Instance Courts; Prize Court; 2 Chit. Pr. 508 to 538.

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Other scholars argue that the vice-admiralty court's jurisdiction was actually as narrow as the British High Court of Admiralty.
Robertson, Our High Court of Admiralty and its Sometimes Peculiar Relationship with Congress, 55 ST.
Costello, author of The Law of Habeas Corpus in Ireland, presents this complete history of the Court of Admiralty in Ireland.
The sanctuary chairs were presented by Sir Leoline (Llewellyn) Jenkins, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, later Secretary of State to Charles II.
the High Court of Admiralty, offered the following stultifying
judge in the High Court of Admiralty and member of Doctors'
4) It draws on a set of interrogatories conducted by the High Court of Admiralty in London.
I will first dwell on the historical context, recording the salvage operations in Southampton waters, and then I intend to address the cultural and legal issues raised by the appearance of Jacques Francis as witness before the court of admiralty in February 1548.
16) Indeed, section 6 of the 1840 imperial statute extending the jurisdiction of the High Court of Admiralty in England (17) was suggested as a model for conferring jurisdiction on a new vice-admiralty court for Upper Canada, even though the waters lay well beyond the ebb and flow of the tide.
The Vice-Admiralty Courts are branches of the High Court of Admiralty in England; the Judges are appointed from England, and we pay them; the process of these Courts is the same obtained in the Court of Admiralty.
The Admiralty is the only Court where such a question [of salvage] can be tried; for what other Court, but a Court of Admiralty, has jurisdiction to try a question of salvage?
Later that morning the consul put me under oath and recorded my sworn testimony which was carried by the diplomatic bag direct to the appropriate Court of Admiralty which then dealt with such matters.