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Entitled God's Chosen People, tonight's episode is about the forging and impact of two of the most remarkable documents in Scottish history which broke the power of the Stewart kings: the Covenants (of 1638 and 1643) - written contracts with God in which the Scottish Covenanters sought not only to redefine their own place in Britain, but also Britain itself.
The first part of the final five instalments takes a look at the Covenanters, a group of people that most people have heard of but don't know much about.
But it was during his reign as Lord Advocate that MacKenzie earned his nickname for sending hundreds of Protestant Covenanters to their deaths between 1684 and 1688.
George-North Park) to witness a pastiche re-enactment of the Covenanters battles with Montrose, starting members of the Atlantic Mission Society and the WMS.
Wilson had been the Covenanters man on the inside of the General Staff at the time of the Curragh incident.
That spirit is thought to be one of Scotland's most violent and is said to haunt the Covenanters Prison in Greyfriars Graveyard in Edinburgh.
Mackenzie - who died in 1691 - got his gory nickname for his persecution of the Covenanters.
Consider the Scottish Covenanters who, in 1643, united in a "solemn league and covenant" to resist the attack on religious liberty by Charles I.
When it comes to Ulster, where the ancestors of many of the Protestants were Scots Covenanters, and the signing of the covenant as a symbol of defiance to Home Rule was so important in 1912, Akenson's attempt to fit events in that bloodstained province into his covenantal paradigm also fails because of his theological naivety.
He got his nickname for ruthlessly prosecuting Scottish Presbyterian Covenanters.
The administration of both church business and theological education for Koreans was generally overseen by a group of conservative missionaries -- the descendants of the old Covenanters.
The ability of the Covenanters to steer the Scottish crisis in such a radical direction, so swiftly, owed much to knowledge, from "friends" in the south like Sir John Slotworthy, that England was already divided, and unlikely to unite against them under Charles.