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He added that the operators were working with stadium operators Wasps and Coventry City Council to find a solution.
The Contract covers works which may be ordered by Coventry Highways, Coventry City Council, and which may be located anywhere within the City of Coventry or on other Council controlled land outside the City boundaries.
Pat Seaman, Unite Workplace Representative, said: "We do not want the Youth Service to be used as a political football whilst lining the pockets of Coventry City Council partner consultants PriceWaterhouse Coopers.
It also included a quote from Ann Lucas, Labour leader of Coventry City Council, who said the city would not lose its identity if it joined forces with Birmingham.
Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council, said: "Coventry has embarked on major development works which will transform the city centre and that has allowed us to probably take a more holistic approach than we ever have before.
But because of a Coventry City Council reorganisation his replacement will also responsible for adult education and libraries as well as education.
Coventry City Council - you have been asked these questions many times on the Telegraph's Letters page - at least have the decency to answer them.
Left: Joe Elliott, Onye Igwe, Gary Hoffman, all Coventry City Football Club; David Mills, Ricoh UK Right: Martin Reeves, Coventry City Council; Marcus Hall, Jaguar Cars; Andrew Young, ACL; Richard Edwards, G Casino Brian Colquhoun, Yorkshire Bank; Peter Davis, Higgs Charity; John McGuigan, Coventry City Council Pictures: Paul Gilroy
Coventry City Council leader Coun Ken Taylor said: "It was fantastic to see so many professional people turn out to hear about our plans for the ongoing transformation of the city.
LICENSING Authority: Coventry City Council LICENSING Team, Environmental Health, Broadgate House, Broadgate, Coventry, CV1 1NH (Tel T 0247683 1848) Email: licensing@coventry.
Held at Whitley Business Park, the lunchtime event was co-hosted by leader of Coventry City Council, Coun Ken Taylor and St Modwen, the regeneration specialists behind the pounds 130 million office and industrial development.
But that has now been put on hold by the courts until the firm's ongoing legal battle with Coventry City Council has been dealt with.