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While TN affects the face in the V1, V2, and/or V3 distributions of the fifth cranial nerve, the pain from GPN is typically localized to the posterior tongue, throat/ pharynx, and ear on the affected side.
At that time, I had a case of Bell's Palsy, which affects the seventh cranial nerve," she says.
Functional organization of the sensory systems, somatic motor system, visceral motor system and cranial nerves are subjected in the second, third, fourth and fifth sections, respectively.
In addition, demyelination of cranial nerves might be an underrecognized finding during autopsy of botulism patients, possibly resulting from either the effects of botulism or its treatment.
Seven of the 12 cranial nerves were involved in this patient.
The VHIth cranial nerve, which is affected by acoustic neuroma in NF-2, is close to other cranial nerves.
In the clinical setting, examining the first cranial nerve requires a higher degree of patient participation and time, not appropriate for urgent settings.
The main features of Moebius are determined by the absence of the 6th and 7th cranial nerves, which control facial expression.
The main objective of the course was to teach human cadaver dissection of the brain, cranial nerves, spinal cord and brachial plexus (nerves between the neck and armpit that control most of the arm).
Sobel was quoted by AFP news agency saying that the soft palate, the flexible driver that moves to direct air in and out through the mouth or nose is controlled by cranial nerves, which are well conserved after an injury.
The cranial nerves most often involved are the second, manifested in blurring and other visual changes, and the seventh, with a uni- or bilateral facial paralysis in a Bell's palsy-like pattern, the neurologist continued.