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Permethrin 1% cream rinse was originally available by prescription only, but in 1991, the FDA reclassified it as a non-prescription medication.
Aubrey mixes jojoba oil with oat protein and coconut fatty acids to make rich and creamy Green Tea Herbal Cream Rinse (8 oz.
The moisturizing Cantu Cream Shampoo cleanses hair while maintaining a healthy scalp and soft, shiny hair, reports Todd, and Cantu Cream Rinse Out Conditioner moisturizes dry, brittle hair while protecting it from breakage.
Lice can be treated in a variety of ways, most commonly with a topical cream rinse containing permethrin.
Many physicians use 5% permethrin to overcome relative permethrin resistance rather than the standard 1% cream rinse that is widely used and usually effective.
The best treatment for children age 2 and older is permethrin 1 percent cream rinse (brand name: Nix).
Fellow comic Bill Maher dreamed up a cream rinse that the president could use ``after a day of splitting hairs.