creature of habit

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We are, all of us, creatures of habit, and when the seeming necessity for schooling ourselves in new ways ceases to exist, we fall naturally and easily into the manners and customs which long usage has implanted ineradicably within us.
Squad supremo Det Insp Alan Cairns, said: "Like all people burglars are creatures of habit.
We all need an MIS Guy, not just to keep the office laptop going but to make sure that tomorrow's capital equipment actually works day in and day out, and also, maybe, to keep the creatures of habit among us asking, "How do they do it?
Humans are creatures of habit, so for many this has been a way of life from an early age and they have forgotten what feeling good feels like.
We are all creatures of habit and love to stick to what we know, but there's so much to be had from looking far and wide at other varieties and other countries that have similar traits to the 'old guard'.
Human beings are gifted with the ability to learn from our mistakes, yet we are also creatures of habit.
Bowlers are creatures of habit and this has become a habit for me.
Martinez said: "Footballers are creatures of habit, they are not open to change too easily.
Gamblers are creatures of habit, and in the end it will come down to the usual suspects," he added.
Being creatures of habit, they tracked down her Peugeot even when she parked in different spots.
BILLY SQUIER Enough Is Enough / Hear And Now / Creatures Of Habit (Beat Goes On) | THREE hard rock albums on two budget-priced CDs by American singer, songwriter and guitarist Billy Squier who, during the early 80s, notched up several hits on the US Billboard charts, including Top 20 entries The Stroke and Rock Me Tonight.
Consumers are really creatures of habit when it comes to looking for coupons--they go where they know they can consistently find the best deals," said Marc Braunstein, co-founder and CEO of ShopAtHome.