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But, in the absence of any direct evidence for gender this idea remained speculative and crested and crestless forms were often separated into completely different species," said David Unwin.
50) Then there was the crestless fireback (telibou), unmistakably identifiable from Pangan Runtop's description of its chicken-like size and behavior, e.
Albany compares their own culture with that of Highlanders and demonstrates their affinity: "True, the mountaineers have not our forms and mode of doing battle in the lists, but they have those which are as effectual to the destruction of human life; and so that the mortal game is played, and the stake won and lost, what signifies it whether these Gael fight with sword and lance, as becomes belted knights, or with sand-bags, like the crestless churls of England, or butcher each other with knives and skeans, in their own barbarous fashion?