CRETION, civil law.. The acceptance of a succession. Cretion was an act made before a magistrate, by which an instituted heir, who was required to accept of the succession within a certain time, declares within that time that he accepted the succession. Clef cles Lois Rom. h.t.
     2. Cretion is also used to signify the term during which the heir is allowed to make his election to take or not to take the inheritance. It is so called, because the heir is allowed to see, cernere, examine, and decide. Gaii, lust. lib. 2, Sec. 164.

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While the use of phones is ultimately at each airline's cretion, there's a very real sibility that flights could w be sound-tracked with a fare even more irritating than nair's "on time" trumpet.
He likes to date Arab men because that, to him, is a guarantee of disA[degrees] cretion.
2008) 'Accounting Dis cretion, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance', Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol.
Se rappelant les divisions internes qui s'etaient produties au sein de l'aumonerie au cours de la Premiere Guerre mondiale, un grand nombre d'ecclesiastiques de haut rang ont instamment demande la cretion d 'aumoneries separees mais de pouvoir egal: l'une pour les protestants, et l'autre pour les catholiques.
20) Normally, there is rapid uptake, followed by ex cretion of the tracer.
There comes a time in every thirty-something woman's life when dress- cretion is the better part of vanity.