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Crime gangs, often comprised of ex-paramilitaries who did not demobilize during a peace process a decade ago, are considered the South American country's most challenging security threat.
They have also sworn to flush out members of the so-called new IRA that have been passing information on to this crime gang about republicans.
The alleged fixer, who is understood to represent the Asian gambling gang involved in the multi-billion pound industry, also claimed that dishonest players were ordered by crime gang bosses to get an early yellow card during games to prove they were in on the scam.
This was a complex and lengthy investigation to unravel a multi-million-pound fraud by an organised crime gang that stole directly from UK finances and the British taxpayer.
A Garda spokesman said the operation has caused "major disruption" to an organised crime gang.
Det Supt Jason Hudson said: "James Close was effectively the patriarch of a crime gang involved in criminality that spanned dirty cash, drugs and firearms.
THE final member of a Staffordshire crime gang who claimed to trade scrap metal to steal PS1.
The crime gang, based in France and Romania, bought credit card numbers from thieves in the EU - including Ireland - and used them to manufacture bogus credit cards.
AN INTERNATIOA NAL crime gang is behind bars after being caught trying flood the streets of Coventry and Warwickshire with drugs.
Detectives believe Brown was the head of an organised crime gang which smuggled heroin into Britain.
DOORS were battered down today as a suspected organised crime gang was busted.
Six men were found guilty earlier this week after a jury at Winchester Crown Court heard that an Israeli organised crime gang employed an eastern European crew to transport the drugs.

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