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All four have now been sentenced for their role in the supply of controlled drugs by an organised crime gang operating in Derry/Londonderry and County Donegal areas.
Detective Inspector Giles Pierce said: "These defendants were all members of a highly-sophisticated organised crime gang who were responsible for the large-scale supply of Class A and B drugs in Cheshire and farther afield.
According to North Wales police, organised crime gangs from Merseyside and London used the housing association property in Parc Bodnant for drug dealing.
Prosecutor Mr Fisher claimed it was clear that Surdhar was supplying the organised crime gang with guns, and that he was in direct contact with their armourer.
Matt Rivers, of the NCA's Dover border investigation team, said afterwards that they had caused "major disruption" to the organised crime gang.
Crime gangs, often comprised of ex-paramilitaries who did not demobilize during a peace process a decade ago, are considered the South American country's most challenging security threat.
They have also sworn to flush out members of the so-called new IRA that have been passing information on to this crime gang about republicans.
WASHINGTON -- When it comes to organized crime gangs that wreak havoc on stores, inventory and the bottom line, retail loss prevention executives are getting more aggressive in their efforts to fight the $30 billion problem, according to the National Retail Federation's (NRF's) 11th annual Organized Retail Crime Survey.
The alleged fixer, who is understood to represent the Asian gambling gang involved in the multi-billion pound industry, also claimed that dishonest players were ordered by crime gang bosses to get an early yellow card during games to prove they were in on the scam.
A WORLD-WIDE manhunt has been launched to find a former Cardiff resident suspected of being a member of an organised crime gang behind one of the UK's largest ever VAT frauds.
Except for the hopeless Headmaster (rodentlike Yuri Itskov), the worst people -- a relentlessly greedy baby broker (Maria Kuznetsova); her enforcer (Nicolai Reutov); Kolyan (Denis Moiseenko), who runs the teenage crime gang that really keeps the orphanage functioning -- have their redeeming or at least empathetic, moments.