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Eight high-profile war crime suspects were detained so far to face trial for crimes against humanity since Bangladesh constituted the tribunal in March last year along with the special investigation agency and a prosecution cell in line with the election pledges of the ruling Awami League to expose to trial the war criminals.
The retired car factory worker had topped the centre's list of 10 most wanted war crime suspects.
HOME Secretary Jack Straw came under fresh attack yesterday over his handling of Nazi war crime suspect Konrad Kalejs.
Law enforcement officers could be told if a crime suspect was in a psychiatric institution under a bill introduced by Assemblyman George Runner.
SANTA CLARITA - A crime suspect arrested in Newhall Municipal Court while attending a relative's hearing was charged Friday with nine felonies, officials said.
Facewatch, which can be downloaded for free, allows smartphone users to look at images of crime suspects operating in the area and provide an identity.
THREE people were arrested after police swooped on addresses across Teesside as part of an operation targeting outstanding crime suspects.
Lists from two Nazi death camps, Auschwitz and Majdanek, survived after the Second World War, providing information on 80 names of living Nazi war crime suspects.
The technology of sketching crime suspects in 3D will soon be part of Dubai police's searching methodology for criminals, a senior police official said.
West Midlands Police is spending PS7,000 a day for interpreters to deal with rising numbers of foreign crime suspects.
AN updated list of war crime suspects wanted for murder, torture and rape during the Syrian conflict has been drawn up by the UN.
I just hope he has not been stigmatised by the appalling accusations - which adds fuel to the growing calls for anonymity for sex crime suspects until they are found guilty.

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