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The civil society also feels that the silence and ineffectiveness of these governmental intuitions at this alarming situation is their criminal negligence.
The officials deny criminal negligence causing bodily harm.
That may not be criminal negligence, but it sure doesn't make sense.
Irman Khan alleged that socio-economic condition of the country had worsen due to criminal negligence of the rulers.
PML-N leader said that the delay in the completion of energy projects like Nandipur and Chechuki Malian is a criminal negligence of the ederal government.
The key element as we saw it in involuntary manslaughter was (whether) there was criminal negligence,'' Coe said.
He said standing committee has taken serious note on the part of criminal negligence of the police in its failure to handle the situation and summoned IG to explain his position.
The criminal negligence of administration has allowed the plying of old, shabby and smoke-emitting buses which were not fit for road running, passengers added.
Scathing in his criticism of the Government, yesterday he accused them of criminal negligence in their approach to road safety.
Prosecutors argued that Lafata, with criminal negligence, gave her daughter too much Extra Strength Tylenol in a two-day period to treat flulike symptoms.
During her trial, prosecutors argued that Lafata, with criminal negligence, gave her daughter too much Extra-Strength Tylenol in a two-day period to treat symptoms resembling those of influenza.
Baloch was of the view that the ANP was taking such steps just to conceal its criminal negligence which it committed during last five years while setting aside the national interests.