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The representative payee service will continue to operate as CRISS-CROSS, but as a division of MMI.
Player T-1 can run a criss-cross with T-2 and create more combination attacks on the goal.
A crossfeed mechanism complete with precision ballscrew and AC inverter provides a smooth crossfeed and allows criss-cross grinding.
It has been suggested that the criss-cross metal designof our famous stands could be incorporated in the new design.
It is made of nylon, has two straps that criss-cross in back over the user's shoulders, and attaches at the mid-waistline with two short straps that adjust at the sides of the waist.
Ships, tankers and pleasure craft criss-cross the waterways, injuring manatees, spilling oil and crashing into the now-endangered coral reefs (also attacked by disease and bleaching).
The grooves don't have to be parallel, you can even criss-cross them if you want to.
Here, too, dirt roads criss-cross this five-by-two-mile island.
Washington, July 11( ANI ): A recently published NSA classified slide reveals that US government uses undersea cables which criss-cross the world for its surveillance program.
I have drawn on some of the recurring temple motifs, criss-cross and lace patterns and embellishments that you'll find in my other collections, but have injected more colour.
My PERFECT day IMAGINE you can criss-cross the globe at the touch of a button.
So the young men criss-cross Europe, seeking out the most imaginative, daring and supple performers to fill the ranks of their ramshackle squad.