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The approach of these editions follows closely in the wake of the sibling Rossini and Verdi projects--hence, the operas come with a thick critical apparatus complementing the score.
Priority is given to making more readily available as many as possible of these little-known poems, rather than taking up space with heavy critical apparatus.
This edition also contains an excellent critical apparatus that will be very helpful to scholars.
A second appendix contains critical apparatus, notes, lists of sources, registers, and a bibliography.
Here he strips it of all those diacritical marks, critical apparatus, and other paraphernalia that academics require of each other, and adds explanatory notes for educated general readers.
He does not reflect on the ways the interpretations he advances depend on the formidable critical apparatus developed over generations of historical scholarship on the details of Blake's life, art, and times.
And so, despite a critical apparatus that takes up nearly a third of the text, The End of Faith isn't scholarship, but a sermon.
Going against the grain of this methodology--but not with the intent to impugn it--the assignment also provides a kind of scaffolding for moving beyond this limited critical apparatus and for introducing competing, complimentary critical lenses such as structuralism, deconstruction, and New Historicism.
While the book's critical apparatus is derived from just such academic discourse, I do respect Wink's sensitive treatment of her subjects.
One of the book's many strengths is that its critical apparatus and theoretical model are rigorous and refreshingly original.
I suggested that the sheer mass of the critical apparatus in English in these editions signaled the institutionalization of the Cahier in anglophone universities, since, unlike purely critical texts, they at least ostensibly had the publication of the poem as their starting point and were aimed at students.

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