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1) Willmott's reading of McLuhan's closure of critical distance (and critical history), for literary and cultural studies scholarship in what we used to called "postmodernity," is a guiding concept for me here.
As a rule of thumb, the critical distance is close to a speaker at low frequencies, where wavelengths are long in relation to driver size, and therefore dispersion is wide and able to bounce a lot of sound off of adjacent room boundaries.
There was no significant difference between the critical distance for the static scene condition and the critical distance for the adaptation to closing speed condition, t(14) = 0.
Typically, it reveals not only the unfolding of a troubling event but also--by exposing a gap between history and its representation--gives us the critical distance to assess the contradictions, hows and whys of that unfolding.
This aids us spiritually by encouraging a critical distance from them and the brands they advertise, allowing us to check their influence on our imaginations.
There is always a delicate balance between critical distance and insider access.
As a result, Thunder Rolling in the Mountains offered no ambiguity, no counterpoint, and no critical distance, resulting in a piece that posed no questions and showed no new insight.
But that very background gives him a critical distance from his subject.
Scholars in this situation are then positioned to absorb Strauss's insights while still maintaining a certain critical distance.
If there's a criticism of this racy, entertaining history of the Bond phenomenon, it's that the authors sometimes descend into the gushing prose of the fan magazine, where breathy enthusiasm often takes precedence over critical distance.
Over 47 percent of all trips required no travel and the critical distance was between zero and one mile.

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