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The work is stunning in its ambivalence: a terrific response to the pressing artistic challenge of effective mediation between "hot" proximity and "cool" critical distance.
Never reductive, genuinely attuned to both Joyce's fictive methodology and his human qualities, Bowker manages to be immensely sympathetic to his subject while managing to preserve necessary critical distance and acuity.
Bradbury has always been addressing his readers in direct and personal ways; Touponce and Eller have successfully responded, maintaining a critical distance without forsaking their own genuine passion for the man's work.
Anthony Bradley grew up in a black Methodist church and was shaped by black liberation theology, but thanks to a solid theological education (MDiv from Covenant Seminary; PhD from Westminster Seminary) and deep immersion into the history of Christian social ethics and political economy he was able to develop an appreciative but critical distance from it.
The puppet-puppeteer relationship enacts a critical distance between actor and action performed, between memory and affect, and between past and present.
By critical hermeneutics Browning means that science and religion dialogue should be a dialectic between religious understanding, which arises through an effective history shaped by religious traditions and institutions, and scientific explanation, which seeks critical distance from its objects.
Central to the novel's impact is the fate of the "May '68" generation--their most commercially acceptable ideas recuperated into late capitalism, their revolutionary ideals severed by postmodern critical distance.
Assuming some critical distance from the subject would have enabled the filmmakers to see the irony embedded in this exchange.
We need to encourage our readers to take a step back and develop that critical distance from what they are reading.
That's the most critical distance, because that's what gets you past people.
Exploring the practicality of Deleuzian concepts, the essays featured in the prologue and Act I regularly take a critical distance towards Deleuze's own study of performance practices that lead to notions such as becoming-minor and the Body without Organs.
We looked at it in the past, but the critical distance is not there to use rail.

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