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A critical reason for our victory in this case was our ability to field a team of experienced IP litigation talent with the breadth and depth to handle a case of this size and sophistication," according to Conlin.
Action or inaction by the driver of either the truck or other vehicle was the critical reason for 88 percent of the crashes.
SRCU has a critical reason for building analytics capacity, because it is committed to providing support to advance the economic development of rural regions and increasing the satisfaction of their loan customers.
Rather, it must be a critical reason constructed from a universalizability principle: "anything that is to count as reasoning must be followable by all relevant others" (p.
IBM's middleware portfolio is a critical reason for the success of our clients in driving Smarter Planet solutions into the marketplace.
has been an excellent partner and a critical reason for the success of our Levi's[R] & Dockers[R] Outlet by MOST stores and we believe is best positioned to take the operation forward and continue to provide customers with a superior Levi's[R] and Dockers[R] shopping experience.
A critical reason for choosing SolidWorks is that it has the most flexible student licensing options available, which allowed us to deploy the software on students' laptops, giving them anytime, anywhere access.
Our API is a critical reason our check scanners produce the highest quality images and Mike's experience is sure to enhance our leadership in the industry.
These alarming statistics are a critical reason why RMA is sponsoring the sixth annual National Tire Safety Week, which runs April 22 - 28, in partnership with CIWMB and CHP in California.
Nemo (philosophy and the history of political ideas, ESCP-EAP European School of Management) argues that the West is a unified by core values and institutions deeper than geopolitical differences: the constitutional state, democracy, intellectual freedom, critical reason, science, and the liberal economy rooted in the principle private property.
Another critical reason Aptify was selected was the company's unparalleled commitment to upgradability and the corresponding track record in the community for providing technology to manage complex upgrade processes.

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