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CROFT, obsolete. A little close adjoining to a dwelling-house, and enclosed for pasture or arable, or any particular use. Jacob's Law Dict.

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There's an urgent need to revive crofting in some form or we will be writing about it as history rather than custom.
We barely touched the north of the island or any of the museums tracing the history of the Manx people, including the the 19th Century crofting village of Cregneash and the Old House of Keys and House of Manannan, which has won the British Museum of the Year award.
High up in the hills of Coquetdale, past Rothbury, the inn has been serving the crofting community centred around the village of just two dozen houses since 1788, according to the deeds.
There are plenty of examples - the Highlands' European funding budget pulled back to Edinburgh and the administration of the Crofting Commission.
Land reform probably makes most folk think of the owners of big estates, crofting communities and, perhaps, the right to roam in the countryside.
Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE); Crofting Commission (CC).
John Morrison was born in 1920 on the Isle of Lewis to a crofting family and left the local school, aged 12, with no qualifications.
William Fraser, of the Crofting Foundation, added: "Crofters witnessed lambs being lifted up and dropped by the sea eagle and we had a post-mortem done on one lamb which confirmed talon marks on the carcass.
A spokesman for the Scottish Crofting Foundation said Mr Al Fayed's outburst was "unhelpful".
The restored Auchindrain Township, in a beautiful Highland glen just south of Inveraray, rolls back the centuries to show how a crofting community lived in previous ages.
Most takeovers have been on half a million acres of crofting land, willingly sold.