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Venerol (3) Criterii de diagnostic Criterii optionale obligatorii * prurit localizat sau * relatie cronologica de generalizat de sine aparitie a pruritului statator (fara leziune cu unul sau mai multe cutanata primara) evenimente cu * prurit cronic (mai repercusiuni psihologice mult de sase * modificari asociate cu saptamani) stresul variatii * fara o cauza somatica nictemerale * predominanta in repaus sau in activitate * tulburari psihologice asociate * prurit ce ar putea fi ameliorat prin psihoterapie * prurit ce poate fi ameliorat prin medicatie psihotropa
The Cronic and Strickland decisions reflect the Burger Court's characteristic refusal to look beyond the case at bar and consider the systemic consequences of decision.
However, Cronic is better known for articulating the exceptions to
Finally, this section provides an overview of the discussion between Justice Stevens, the author of Cronic, and Justice O'Connor on their differences as to which cases required remand.
Some people have security systems, some people don't, but they put those signs up," Councillor Duane Cronic said.
Nutrition, child growth, and cronic disease prevention.
In 2003, the Florida Supreme Court applied the per se ineffective assistance to counsel standard from Cronic and remanded for a new trial.
Avaliacao do estresse oxidativo sistemico e orgao-especifico na intoxicacao cronica por cloreto de mercurio [Evaluating sistemic and organ-specifc oxidative stress on cronic Mercury chloride poisoning].
For example, in Cronic, a young real estate lawyer was assigned to
The emergence of cronic peer victimization in boys' play groups.
Her daughter-in-law Edith Cooper said the group gathered at a Monroe nursing home, where Besse Cooper enjoyed two small slivers of her birthday cake and nodded with approval as musician Mike Cronic sang "Tennessee Waltz.