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I would GRANT; if the timing can be worked out, I would schedule the case with Cronic.
Intraindividual variation of some analytes in serum of patients with cronic renal failure.
The Court held its conference discussions in Strickland on the same day as its conference discussions on Cronic, and three days after hearing argument in Strickland.
Cronic, that while an accused may want his counsel to engage in a "useless charade" of innocence in the face of overwhelming evidence, he suffered no prejudice from his counsel's failure to do so.
Cronic (53) and presumed prejudice without conducting a Strickland analysis.
Where defense counsel acts as a "mere spectator" during his client's sentencing, the Fifth Circuit has applied the Cronic presumption of prejudice.
186) Citing Strickland and Cronic, the court reversed the termination judgment and ordered a new trial.
The other nine bands who joined the Fallen as finalists in the Metal Search 2000 Contest were Pessimist, Antipathy, Cea Serin, Cronic Disorder, Disinter, Polterchrist, Spitfire, Women of Sodom and Deamon.