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CROPPER, contracts. One who, having no interest in the land, works it in consideration of receiving a portion of the crop for his labor. 2 Rawle, R. 12.

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Cropper and Mercer were recorded discussing how to extort the cash from Crowe.
In July of last year, months before the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, Amnesty International reported receiving ''a number of reports of torture or ill-treatment by Coalition Forces not confined to criminal suspects'' at Camp Cropper and Abu Ghraib.
KEELE, England, June 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- James Cropper plc, the UK specialist paper-making and advanced materials group, announced today that Mark Cropper has been appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as Chairman.
Steve Cropper will perform at Robin 2, Bilston, on October 23.
THE family of Anne Marie Cropper have paid tribute to a "much-loved daughter, sister, mother and grandma" after she was found dead.
Based in the English Lake District, James Cropper is the maker of the world's finest bespoke papers.
Cropper was voted by the music magazine Mojo as the second greatest guitarist of all time behind Jimi Hendrix, who was spotted by the late former Animal Chas Chandler, and if he has cut back on his workload at the age of 71, his fingers still did the talking.
It is virtually impossible to overstate the impact that Cropper has had on popular music generally but soul music specifically.
Anne Marie Cropper - died from head and chest injuries
Sir James Cropper, honorary Ppresident of TFP's parent company James Cropper PLC, formally opened the new nonwovens production line on September 16 alongside Martin Thompson, managing director of TFP.
IF Coronation Street ever produced its own version of Cluedo then "Roy Cropper, in Roy's Rolls, IF Coronation Street ever produced its own version of Cluedo then "Roy Cropper, in Roy's Rolls, with the cricket bat" would be a dream victory scenario.