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A demand made in a Pleading against another party on the same side of the lawsuit.

For example, a manufacturer of desks shipped thirty desks to a buyer by truck. When the buyer refused to pay because the desks arrived in a damaged condition, the manufacturer sued both the buyer and the trucking company. The buyer did not know whether the manufacturer or the trucking company was responsible for the damage, so the buyer served an answer containing a denial that he owed money to the manufacturer for unusable desks and a cross-claim demanding that the trucking company compensate him for the damage to the desks.

A counterclaim is comparable to a cross-claim except that it is a claim against an adverse party in the lawsuit, not a party on the same side of the lawsuit.

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The Fourth DCA explained that the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure superseded prior case law by allowing a junior mortgagee to file a cross claim of foreclosure.
If the state had not filed the cross claim, Kwalwasser said, the LAUSD would have sought to join the suit anyway because its outcome will ultimately affect the district.
William Morris, one of the other defendants in this litigation, has filed a cross claim against the company and the company has filed its answer to both the complaint and the cross claim.
The complaint will be vigorously defended and cross claims will be filed against her.
The Red Cross claims more than 100 civilians are feared to have been killed.
mandating costs of prosecution in all criminal and violation-of-probation or community-control case convictions; adding additional court fees for filing counterclaims, cross claims and third party complaints; and increasing the fines for DUI and BUI.
The parties filed cross claims for summary judgment.
Insured versus Insured exclusion has an exception for cross claims and third-party claims
Schwartz represents clients across the state in a wide range of complex commercial disputes involving multiple parties, counterclaims, cross claims, and third-party complaints, and related litigation pending in other jurisdictions.
The hotel is also seeking permission to serve refreshments, including food and hot drinks, until 5am which Mr Cross claims would add to the potential for nuisance.
The incident occurred when the Blue Cross claims adjuster in Woodland Hills arrived home about 12:30 a.