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Ms Jackson added: "We conducted extensive testing with a broad crosssection of consumers across the country to ensure there wasn't a distinguishable difference between the current and new recipes.
It is all thanks to a collation of official data collected by the Assembly Government which provides a detailed crosssection of modern society.
In figure 3 is presented the profile of the wear track in crosssection determined as an area.
Such comments would not be tolerated about any other crosssection of society.
He must be admired for having the courage to let the PM know that unless he and the party changes to suit the needs of ALL British people, rather than just a crosssection of society, there can be no doubt that Tory leader David Cameron will be heading for No 10.
They were all different ages and from different backgrounds - a real crosssection of the Midlands It was just like you see on the X-Factor before wannabe entertainers perform their special turns in front of Simon Cowell and his cohorts.
For example, the Midyear Conference marked the first time that the heads of the IRS's new Large and Mid-Size Business Division industry groups met with a wide crosssection of taxpayers, as the five industry directors moved from industry session to industry session.
Channel 5's chief operating officer Paul Dunthorne said: "Big Brother in all its guises brings a huge and varied crosssection of viewers to Channel 5 and typi-fies the appointment-to-view programming we want on the channel.
Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), Lubna Naheed Bukhari said here on Monday that the poor quality of drinking water forced a large crosssection of citizens to buy bottled water.
The roadway crosssection will consist of five lanes, including two travel lanes in each direction with turn pockets or a center turn lane.
The combined operation would result in the group having a crosssection of personnel with exceptionally diverse and specialist skills and expertise in the marine insurance environment.