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The survey was conducted through telephone interviews with a crosssection of emigrants in terms of gender, age, place of origin in Ireland and destination abroad.
But having said that, I'm also unlucky in that I see a wide and often dramatic crosssection of very cool guns thud down onto my desk.
It is not one select group trying to protect their interests - a crosssection of Merseyside medics think the proposed legislation will damage the health service beyond repair.
Relaxed and elegant, it appeals to a wide cross-section of people with a wide crosssection of pocket, and in his first year as boss, Adam Waterworth has made an excellent start.
We try to put about seven or eight people who would represent a good crosssection of the company on the multifunctional teams, dependent on the particular area that is being reviewed," says Erika McBride, Paychex's risk review manager.
It is all thanks to a collation of official data collected by the Assembly Government which provides a detailed crosssection of modern society.
Defending Ross and Brand, the Corporation revealed it had surveyed a crosssection of viewers and discovered most people under 25 thought their 'joke' was a proper wheeze.
The contributions selected for "The Lab" could be read as a crosssection of contemporary art--from the self-referential through the discourse-oriented to the technoid, and including (more or less) traditional painting and sculpture.
A crosssection of successful efforts of communities and small businesses is triumphed in the king-of-local Michael Shuman's latest book, The Small-Mart Revolution.
The cylinders have an optimized edge design, larger crosssection, tapered or cylindrical shutoff, and [+ or -] 1.