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Grunge people, crusties, clowns who insisted on speaking in high-pitched voices, anarchists who somehow organised their own marching band, the usual contingent of international Marxists.
The band's history of playing free festivals was an inspiration to the new army of ravers and when the crusties finally embraced the acid house movement, the circle was complete.
And by the end of the night the venue was a seething mass of happy crusties and frenzied students.
So ravers mixed with crusties and New Age hippies met the venue's regular folkies, perhaps illustrating that the music of Toby Marks is (as he readily admits) steadily moving away from clubland towards the conventional gigging marketplace.
Allure-wise, she's a bit light on scanty lingerie, but I hear a quick rub down with a bridle bit drives some of those upper crusties wild.
She watches a band of self-styled anarchists who call themselves the Crusties and spots an ageing beauty named Gisela who believes she is being hunted down by the Swiss Police all from her window.
So, instead of people worrying about crusties trampling on their garden pansies, or worrying about not having enough toilet roll, let's remember the tens of thousands of kids who die from preventable causes in Africa every day.
The "activists", the ones who really "care", are the nice middle class crusties, rusties, musties and dusties who turn up at animal rights demos when they're not busy digging rabbit warrens under the route of proposed motorways.
Instead of worrying about crusties trampling on their garden pansies, let's remember the tens of thousands of kids who die in Africa every day.
Of course, the crusties and New Age hippies, the anti-motorist groups and anarchists, the animal rights activists and earth mothers may not recognise themselves as the upholders of a fine English tradition.
Above all, it featured a captivating performance by Trainspotting star Jonny Lee Miller as Arty, leader of a gang of mad-cap, nihilist crusties (William Beck and Ben Bennett excelling as his part Young Ones, part Clockwork Orange stooges) running scams and pilfering tourists' money round the castles and churches of Rochester.
By the fifth song the audience was dancing in the outdoor Arena, a curious mixture of crusties, folkies and kids.