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The real reason cubicles have become permanent fixtures in the corporate landscape has a lot to do with the latent power of their ingenious design, a power that helps control the behavior of the worker.
The Marks and Sparks flew over women wandering into the cubicles looking for their husbands or boyfriends.
Balance privacy and teamwork: A cubicle can be as small as 6'x6', says Brown, provided the wall panels are tall enough (at least 45"-48") to provide a sense of privacy when employees are sitting at their desks.
Summary: Man accused of standing on the toilet seat in one cubicle and peeping over the partition
MANILA -- An honest passenger who found $3,000 in an envelope inside a toilet cubicle at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) Terminal 1 turned over the money to authorities on Wednesday before boarding her flight for South Korea.
The fire is being treated as arson and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to the cubicle.
Mr Kirby, of Saltwells Road, Netherton, admitted he had seen a pair of feet in the cubicle next to the one he was checking for rubbish.
Some people have told me they were a bit hesitant to enter the cubicles because it felt like stepping into a ghost train.
The 46-year-old voyeur was seen holding a small mirror under the partitions of cubicles at Stockton's Splash centre.