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So far, we cited evidence that the cueing paradigm is able to capture attentional processes including the size of the visual focus of attention in visual search tasks.
An important physiotherapy intervention for gait-related problems due to PD is the use of cueing strategies (Morris 2006).
Vision Systems International (VSI) announces that the Hellenic Air Force has added the company's Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System capability to its new fleet of F-16 block 52 aircraft.
nCUBE Corporation and Lifetime Movie Network reached a major milestone today in local digital cable advertising with the deployment of the world's first Digital Program Insertion (DPI) system utilizing the DVS-253 (ANSI/SCTE 35 2001) cueing standard for digital ad insertion.
Elbit Systems' subsidiary of Fort Worth, Texas, and by Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics Company of Foster City, California, has been awarded a contract from the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) for Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems.