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Prosecutors say Legend's possessions, including the $25,000 panther-head cufflinks, were returned to him.
Meanwhile, American actor Sam Rockwell stepped on the stage of Palm Springs Interntional Film Festival to receive the Breakthrough Performance of the Year award while wearing El-Kaff cufflinks.
Assorted in colours of love, this extensive range has been designed in fabrics like wool, silk and cashmere adjunct with artful pocket squares, patterned ties, knitted blazers and quirky cufflinks.
The 18-year-old firm manufactures and sells over 4000+ SKU's and has almost every high-end license to produce cufflinks, tie bars, ties and pocket squares as well as men's socks.
The clever collector looks for single intaglios that he can have set into cufflinks.
Touker Suleyman, owner of quintessentially British menswear brand Hawes & Curtis - he bought it for PS1 - is a particular devotee of initial cufflinks, although why he needs his initials on his shirts is beyond me.
The court was told that one of the cufflinks contained 15 editions of the IS propaganda magazine Dabiq while another had the Linux operating system.
They are appealing to members of the public to call the police if anyone attempts to sell them the cufflinks or engagement ring.
When they asked me to make the gift I made bespoke cufflinks for him," Mari said.
Product coverage: Luxury Costume Jewellery, Luxury Cufflinks, Luxury Lighters, Luxury Sun Glasses, Other Luxury Accessories.
The contract is for delivery of items of uniforms and equip 2016 (belts, cufflinks, koalicyjki, gloves) divided into 11 parts (tasks).
This report covers the growth prospects of the global cufflinks market with segmentations based on product types and retail formats.