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Defining the Bombay Cine-Hero--A Century of Stable Cultural Codes
Though the connection between the cultural codes and the legal codes has been theoretically established, it has yet to be empirically investigated.
It is worth noticing that the spectacle with cultural codes has been used by Asian directors interested in the theme of power struggle.
One might add that the study of the pragmatic aspect of social minds might involve the relationship between those shared codes and the cultural codes that unite the text with its target audience, codes that are liable to be lost and need semantic reconstruction, with the increasing distance between the author and the audience in rime and cultural space.
For example, in chapter 7 where Thiery discusses the complexity of cultural codes faced by priests, the request in numerous wills for a chantry priest to be of good character and to possess a good reputation and to be honest would have only bolstered the argument of a culture-wide movement toward standards of civility.
From the exhibited corpse of a murdered pornography artist to the tamed and agonised picture of an anonymous child that decorates the walls of the Anatolian coffee houses, Gurbilek presents a gallery of portraits that reveal the cultural codes of a society that has experienced--and is still experiencing--the impact of a series of upheavals and radical transformations.
For Black Eyed Peas, the 47 million-selling cartoon band with a bionic brain, who're fond of jamming cultural codes and playing sonic tricks, The Beginning was the place to start.
The Ottoman era has also left extensive traces in everyday customs and gestures that figure large in our cultural codes.
As Venuti states, "foreignising translation signifies the difference of the foreign text, yet only by disrupting the cultural codes that prevail in the target language" (1995, p.
Religious or cultural codes did not play an important role--just 3.
The overarching themes that run through each chapter reflect the "playful" ability of art collecting to provide psychic release, to foster individuation, promote empowerment, and to "gender" American culture and cultural codes.
It's just one layer in the complex cultural codes pitting official laws (gay sex is still illegal) against unofficial practices (it's not prosecuted anymore) that make Asian gay life intriguing.

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